Children's Literature: Book reviews

What is a book review?

A review analyzes and critically evaluates a book to persuade the reader that the writer’s view of the text is correct.

Journal / magazine starters

Other sources

Getting started

The Library Catalogue is a useful starting point for searching for book reviews.

Book reviews are not searched by default.  To see them:Include Book Reviews in your results [Image: UniSA Library]

  • enter your search term
  • click the Additional Resources tab in the Refine Search
    options on the left to extend your search
  • also try using the phrase "book review" in your search

Title / author search:

Topic search: "science fiction"  children then limit to Book Reviews and Reviews

Databases for finding book reviews

Here are a few databases that may be good starters for finding book reviews.

TIP: Use the phrase "book review" in your search or see if you can limit by content type within certain databases.