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What are journals?

Journals are the primary medium for scholarly  communication and[Andrew Fitzsimon, "Thumbnail", Image Source: Open Clip Art Library, CC0 1.0]
account for a large percentage of university research output. They                                                                                                        

  • present current research/debate
  • provide highly focused information
  • contain research findings/opinions of experts
  • contain information not found elsewhere
  • contain information about new research areas
  • may be peer reviewed

Journals are generally published on a regular basis (e.g. issues released monthly, quarterly etc.)

There are different types of journals.  Not all journals are suitable for your assignments.

Find journal articles

The Library Catalogue lets you search inside many journals, but not all. It also covers every discipline.

You may find it more useful to search a Library database. Databases are finding aids. They assist you to find publications, such as journal articles, book chapters or conference papers, by topic, author or publication. Scholarly references are best found in databases.

Key databases:

What is...

See the short Library guide: How to find peer reviewed articles

These journals are all peer reviewed:

Computer Graphics Forum Computer & Graphics E-Learning and Digital Media
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications Journal of Visual Culture The Visual Computer

How can we tell? Some databases allow you to limit your results to articles from peer reviewed journals (not the same as 'scholarly' - this is a broader term).

If you're not sure use the database Ulrichsweb to find out! This journal's directory is available via the Library's database list. Search for the title of your journal and look for the 'referee's jumper' icon. 

Ulrichsweb 'peer reviewed' icon - [Image Source: Ulrichsweb]

You will often encounter references to journal articles - for example, in books, other articles or on web pages. You may have access to these articles through the Library. 

For example:

Dezuanni, M 2015, 'The building blocks of digital media literacy: socio-material participation and the production of media knowledge', Journal of Curriculum Studies, vol. 47, no. 3, pp. 416-439, doi: 10.1080/00220272.2014.966152.

You need to find if the Library subscribes to the Journal of Curriculum Studies and if so, whether it provides access to volume 47, number 3 in the collection.

Tip: do a Journal Title search for the "Journal of Curriculum Studies" in the library catalogue.

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