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  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page (usually near Further Reading or External links)
  2. Look for a box that includes Resources in your library.
  3. Select this link (the first time you do this you will see a list of Libraries).
  4. Select the University of South Australia.
  5. This will initiate a search in the Library catalogue for resources on that topic.

One example: Social justice

This option is not always available but worth trying.

The Research Cycle

A means of evaluating the information you find on the web. Adapted from the Tanglin Trust School Singapore

Research in the everyday

Do you realise you already search for information everyday! Whether you are trying to find a store that has the latest shoes, a street name in the street directory or the latest information about your favourite TV show online, information is everywhere and we have to learn to navigate it effectively to find what we want.

Searching for information at University is similar however there are a few things / tips you need to know to make sure you find the right information. Use this guide to find search help, tips and starters to make sure you create the best assignment possible.

Referencing and Academic Skills

Jason Grant 'Roadmap to referencing', January 2013 [Image source: UniSA Library]

Need help referencing? Follow the roadmap!


Referencing and Academic Skills

What do you do with those references you have found?  One way to manage your references is to use a bibliographic management tool.

The UniSA Library supports two Referencing tools:

Watch Manage your references - tools that can help you, decide which tool is best for you and then get started. 


Other popular Referencing tools are Mendeley, Cite-U-like and Zotero.  These resource are freely available and can be accessed from the Managing References Guide.

Need advice on writing or presenting? Not sure how to organise your ideas? L3: Language, Literacies and Learning can help!

For help related to Academic writing, organising your ideas and presenting your findings browse the Language, Literacies and Learning resource hub.

For example:

  • Oral Presentations - how to prepare for an oral presentation and tips on presenting
  • Workshops - Academic Skills and English Language oncampus workshops
  • Referencing forum - a place for all UniSA students to discuss referencing and share questions and answers (facilitated by Language & Learning Team)

The Library collection also includes many resources on academic writing and study skills - example search