Social Work and Human Services: WELF 1019: Communication Skills in Social Work and Human Services

Assessment 1 in focus

Comparative study

'In this assignment you are required to write a message to three different people, in three different formats, to inform them of a situation. The formats are a text message, an email and a formal letter. The assignment requires you to do some research and reading to learn more about the subtleties of composing an effective text, email and formal letter and the importance of knowing the target audience and getting your message across as appropriately and succinctly as possible. Your research will guide you as you write each piece for this assignment.'

'It is expected that you will have at least three references for this assignment and that they be books or peer reviewed articles and not internet sources.'

Page 8, Course Outline.

A few reference works

Finding relevant resources

The Library Catalogue can be a good starting point for finding books, journal articles, videos and other material in the UniSA Library collection. Here are a few example searches:

Tips: refining your search

  • to find more recent works, use the Date limit e.g. 2012 to 2016
  • to find more introductory works, use the Format: Books limit and look for general overviews or textbooks
  • use Show Only: Peer Reviewed to remove non-peer reviewed articles from your search results
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