Visual Arts: Artists' books

Artists' books @ UniSA Library

The Library holds several hundred artists' books in the collection, including works by

  • Ed Ruscha
  • Gilbert & George
  • John Cage
  • Roni Horn
  • Susan Hiller

'Breakfast Special' by Jake Tilson

'Oh, the Grand Old Duke of York' by Gilbert & George (edited by Hans Ulrich Obrist)

While many are available on the main shelves, others have been placed in the Special Collection - usually because of the potential for damage or loss of parts.

To find artists' books and books about them - Type "artists' books" into the Library Catalogue. Refine by collection and select City West Special Collection to find Artists' books in the UniSA Special Collection

Methods: creating artists' books

The Library also has many resources to assist in creating artists books.

Try searching using terms such as

A few works from the collection: