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There are many excellent sources of information freely available online, however remember that general articles such as those on the All About Gemstones site listed below may be good for a general introduction to an area but are NOT suitable for citing at University level

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Julie Blyfield Search Interview with the artist Article: Craft Arts International
Marian Hosking Search   Sunday Arts feature
Gijs Bakker Search gijs bakker design Article: Journal of Modern Craft
Arline Fisch Search   Book featuring the artist
Kath Inglis Search kath inglis Jam Factory interview

[Adapted from, '2009-05-09 14-38', CC Licence: CC BY-SA 2.0 (, Image Source: flickr (]

Kath Inglis collaborated with Naomi Schwartz to produce the doorknobs and wall brooches for the Amazon Waterlily Pavilion in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens

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The Catalogue does not search within Craft Arts International - the article on Julie Blyfield was found using the Art & Architecture Complete database

The Sunday Arts feature was found by searching the TVNews database