Visual Arts: Material about specific artists

Material by or about artists


Finding information about other artists is crucial in visual arts, for many reasons including: inspiration, contextualisation of your own work and understanding of art movements.

Information might take a variety of forms including images of works, exhibition reviews, interviews or catalogue essays.

Possible sources for material on artists include:

Exhibition catalogues

Gerhard Richter: Arbeiten auf Papier = Works on paper [cover image] Search in the catalogue for exhibitions and your artist e.g. "gerhard richter" exhibitions and limit to 'Format:Books'

An exhibition catalogue might contain:

  • Essays about the artist's work
  • Images of the artist's work
  • Artist's statement
  • Biography including awards and exhibition history

Find more search tips on finding exhibition catalogues here.

Search tips

  • Is the person known under any other names? e.g. Brenda Croft, Brenda L Croft
  • Could a book on a particular group/theme/movement/style contain a section on this artist?
  • Are there multiple people with the same name? You may find clearly irrelevant references when searching search tools like the Catalogue. If this happens, try combining the artists' name with other terms such as their medium, geographical location, exhibitions, works, awards etc.
  • The Catalogue does not include all journal records. Try searching other visual arts databases such as: ARTbibliographies Modern

Example... Material by and about Patricia Piccinini

Join us as we search for anything that might be out there by or about one artist!

Many of these sources will be useful when searching for other artists.

Explore... Patricia Piccinini [Image source: UniSA Library]

Not finding much?

If you're having difficulty finding information about an artist or examples of their works, a librarian might be able to help!

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