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[Golan Levin, 'Golan Levin at RMCAD', CC Licence: CC BY 2.0 (, Image Source: flickr (]



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Golan Levin Search FLONG Speech: TEDtalks
Mark Amerika Search Mark Amerika Article: English Language Notes
Joyce Hinterding Search


Interview: Art Gallery of NSW
Bill Viola Search BILL VIOLA Article: Performance research
Lillian Schwartz Search Lillian F. Schwartz Book: Women, art and technology


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If you were looking for material on artist a Ken Rinaldo, there is an article  published in Artweek in 1994 - A conversation with Ken Rinaldo. Artweek is not indexed in the Catalogue. You need to search the database ARTbibliographies Modern to find this article. We don't have online access to articles from Artweek published in 1994, but a Catalogue search for the journal title finds that the article is available at the Off Site Warehouse in print - just request the appropriate volume!