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Organisations and associations

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Finding Resources

1. Create a list of keywords for your main concepts for example: wine export

wine: alcohol, liquor

export: trade, commerce

2. Combine your keywords using:

  • OR Combines keywords of the same concept
  • AND Combines different concepts
  • NOT Excludes keywords

EG wine  OR  alcohol  AND  export*  OR  trade

3. Use the truncation symbol * to find other forms of words

EG export* will find export, exports, exported, exporting etc.

 For more help try one of these Library guides:

Wine Literature of the World

Created by the State Library of South Australia to highlight their large collection of wine related materials (the largest in the Southern hemisphere). The collection encompass thousands of items including books, pamphlets, wine labels, company records and more.

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Wine Industry Statistics

Releases two key reports annually on the Australian wine industry:

Industry Reports

You can find reports on the wine industry or a specific company in databases: