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What is a scholarly source?

A scholarly source, or academic source, is written by a qualified author who is an expert in their field. They are usually published in books or journals, rather than on websites. A scholarly source will likely have a reference list or bibliography at the end of it.Graduate Cap by Freepik. CC BY-3.0:,

How can you tell if a source is scholarly?

Books: A scholarly book or eBook might be from an academic publisher or a University press. You can also find out information about the author and look for their qualifications.

Journals: Many academic journals are peer reviewed. This means that the article has been evaluated by experts on the subject before it was approved for publication.

For more information, read the Finding peer reviewed journal articles guide.

Video icon by no real name given CCLicence Attribution 2.0 Generic, Image source: flickr Watch - Scholarly Sources Explained (approx 3 mins) - Learn why scholarly sources are important to use and how you can identify them.




Key Resources


Finding the right information

  Before you start searching in the Library Catalogue think about:

> What do you know about the topic? What do you need to explore further?

> What type of information do you need? Does it need to be current?Word cloud made using

> Understand your topic - use the course readings, an encyclopedia, dictionary, book or reliable websites

> Choose your keywords and any synonyms

> If you need facts and figures - use handbooks or reliable websites

> Decide which parts of your work need references as supporting evidence


1. Make a list of keywords, search for phrases using "quotation marks"
2. Combine these keywords using OR, AND or NOT.
Combines keywords on the same conceptKey Tool by SimpleIcon, CC BY 3.0:,
    AND: Combines different concepts

    NOT: Excludes words that complicate the search, use with caution

For example:

                  "wine tourism" AND australia
                   tourism OR travel
                   tourism AND (olympics OR "olympic games")

 For more help try:

Watch the video below You be the Judge - learn to evaluate (approx 3 mins). Learn to evaluate websites and other resources to decide if they are appropriate for your needs.



Image source:

How to find...

To find eBooks in the Library catalogue you need to:

  • conduct a search. Eg: festival AND australia
  • Refine Search to Format: Books
  • AND limit to Show Only: Full Text Online
eBooks in library catalogue, copyright UniSA library


You will then be able to see book chapters and electronic books in your search results. To access click on the title link and then the online link.

Visit the Library's eBook guide for help finding, accessing, printing and downloading eBooks.

  • Finding, accessing, printing and downloading ebooks.
  • Learn what software is needed by your device
  • Look up our FAQ's

Books in library catalogue search, copyright UniSA libraryUse the Library catalogue to search for books

  • Use the Refine search options to narrow your search results
  • If you would like to borrow the book note the call number of the book. This is how you will locate the item on the shelf. In the example below the call number is 338.4791 THEW 3Ed

  • If the book is unavailable (showing a red dot) at your campus OR available at another campus click on to place a hold. When the item is ready for you to collect you will receive an email.

Use the call number to browse the shelves for books on the same subject. Most of the Tourism books are located at the City West or Mawson Lakes under the following call numbers.

Subject Heading


Event management

Hospitality industry

Hospitality industry – management

Call number






Couldn't find the book you were looking for?

The Library continues to purchase books and ebooks for the collection. If the Library does not hold the book you need, you can:

You can borrow from other Universities including the University of Adelaide and Flinders University. For more information click on the link below:

Finding a journal article using the library catalogue:

  • To find articles on a subject, type in your keywords e.g. "south australia" AND festival. Use double quotes for phrases so it searches for the words together
  • Refine by Format > Articles
  • To open the journal article, click on the online access link at the bottom of the catalogue record. This is what the links looks like: Online journal access from the library catalogue, Copyright UniSA library
  • To search for articles from a specific journal, try Advanced Search

Finding a journal article using databases:

You can search databases to find quality journal articles on your topic.  To find which databases are best suited to your subject area, go to the Key Resources box, also on this page of the guide.

In databases, you can use truncations and wildcards to broaden your search.

For example:

Searching for travel* will show results

for travelling, travellers, etc.

For more information see:

   icon will appear in the databases when the article is not available in full text in that database. Find it will try to find full text in one of our other databases. For more information see:

There are several ways that you can find case studies:Binuri Ranasinghe 2010, The Case Study, CC BY-NC-ND:, Flickr:

  • many textbooks and recommended readings include case studies
  • add the phrase "case studies" to your search
  • limit by format/content type

Here are some examples of a search for case studies in the Library catalogue:

"hopsitality industry" AND "case studies" in books

"sustainable tourism" AND "case studies" in eBooks

The Journal of Business Case Studies is an open access journal which allows you to search for case studies across a range of topics, including tourism, hospitality and event management. All case studies are fully downloadable as pdfs.


Searching for Case Studies in databases:

Add the phrase "case studies" to your search to find case study articles.

Try the following searches in the Hospitality and Tourism Complete database to find case study articles or chapters:

  • "sustainable tourism" AND "case studies"
  • "hospitality industry" AND "case studies"

You can also search for case studies in Business Source Complete use double quotes around any phrases

In the Emerald Insight database, go to Advanced Search and select the Case Studies tab at the top to search for case studies.

Using SAGE Business Cases you can search 1000+ case studies covering a wide variety of topics related to business, including hospitality management

Finding newspaper articles
"Jan Kromer, 'Novinky: the news', CC Licence: Attribution 2.0 Generic, image source: flickr"For information and links on finding newspaper articles from both Australia and around the world, have a look at the News Media Subject Guide.

Library Catalogue results automatically exclude newspaper articles, but you can add them back in to your results after searching.

Catalogue search example:

"local tourism"

This search has been limited using the following steps:

  • Additional resources: Newspaper articles (this adds newspapers articles to your results)
  • Format: Newspaper articles (this limits your search to newspaper articles only, and excludes all other formats from your results - you add them in and then take out everything else)
  • Date: 2011-2015


Alternatively you can find relevant newspaper databases listed under the News subject heading on the right of the A-Z database listings page.

The databases listed below contain both Australian and international content: