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Finding legislation

Watch this short video (2:12mins) on finding legislation.

Also try the interactive tutorial at the link below (we recommend using Firefox or Chrome):

Find out about

Making laws

An information sheet on how laws are made and the parliamentary process produced  by the Australian Parliament.

Government and Law Making

A streamed video providing an overview of Parliament, how it functions and what it represents [22 min].


The South Australian Parliament explains how Bills are introduced.

South Australian Government Gazette

The Government Gazette is the official publication of the Government of the day. Publication of a notice in the Gazette is regarded as the date when any notice becomes binding. It contains

  • official Government notices such as proclamations and appointments to ministerial offices, departments and statutory authorities
  • departmental and statutory authority notices such as mining claims, opening and closing of roads, licensing approvals, registration of brands and rules of court
  • regulations passed under various Acts of Parliament
  • district council notices, by-laws, fees

Bills Digests (Parliamentary Library - Cth)

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