Law: Finding books and ebooks

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What is a scholarly book?

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Clue 1: Specialised publisher in the field, for example a University press.

Clue 2: Reputable Author/creator: Look for the author's qualifications. 

Clue 3: Includes cited references and bibliography.


Catalogue search tips

The UniSA Library has an extensive digital collection. You can access many books online through your PC, tablet, smart phone or ereader device.

Search the Library Catalogue for ebooks as well as books. To find ebooks in the catalogue you need to:

  • Refine Search to Show Only: Full Text Online
  • AND limit to Format Books

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You will then see book chapters and electronic books in your search results. To access click on the title link and then the online link. Too many results? Limit by a date range or additional subject.

Use the Library Catalogue to search for books:

Search tips

  • If you know the exact title type it into the search box e.g."Winfield and Jolowicz on Tort"
  • Do a keyword search to find information on a particular topic e.g. torts
  • Use double quotes to search for phrases e.g. "contributory negligence"
  • Combine terms using OR, AND e.g. "contributory negligence" AND Australia
  • Narrow your search by Format e.g. book/ebook, video recording  
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Find books on the shelf

As an alternative to searching the Library Catalogue you can browse our shelves. Most law books are located at the City West campus under the following call numbers.

Tip: Use the call number (eg DEWEY:347.1) or subject words to search within the Library Catalogue.

Law 340 - 349
Commercial law 347.6
Contract law 347.1
Constitutional law 346.1
Criminal law 346.8
Criminology 364
Environmental law 347.34
Family law 346.94 and 347.42
Intellectual property law 347.37
International law 341
Real property law 347.31
Torts 347.2
Workplace relations law 347.46


Legal Research Workshop

For more info try the Legal Research Workshop which has been designed to teach you basic legal research skills using online (primarily Australian) resources available through the UniSA Library.

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