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To what extent does the incarceration of juveniles lead to recidivism?

When searching for information on a topic think about the following:

  1. Define any terms you are unsure of - try a dictionary, encyclopedia, or handbook
  2. Identify main concepts in your question - these will form the foundation of your search
    • Concept 1: recidivism
    • Concept 2: juvenile
    • Concept 3: incarceration
  3. Identify synonyms or similar keywords for each main concept
    • Concept 1: re-offending, reoffending, repeat offending
    • Concept 2: youth, teen, young person, child
    • Concept 3: detention, correction, incarceration, custody
  4. Consider any plurals (child vs children), different endings (recidivism vs recidivist), different spellings (reoffending vs re-offending), key acronyms (JDC vs juvenile detention centre)

Use databases to search for secondary sources such as journal articles. Here are some key criminal justice and policing databases:

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