Management: BUSS 3050: Organisational Leadership - Assessment - Report, SP5 2017

BUSS 3050: Organisational Leadership

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Cited academic references MUST be sourced from the following journals:

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 Government websites:

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Simply type 'case study' into the search bar when searching databases for case studies

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Assessment 1: Leadership Profile Report

You are required to report your evaluation about two (2) different business leaders. To help you complete this task step by step this assignment has been divided into several small tasks.

Part 1: Progress Check Points

Multiple check points are set to monitor your project progress. You need to complete these tasks and bring your reports to the tutorials. Please consult your course outline for a list of tasks. For each of week 3, 5 and 7 you have been asked to consult A minimum three (3) academic journal references + two (2) other references.

Part 2: Full leadership Profile Reports
Your report should include the following sections:
1. Introduction (no more than 200 words) - briefly introduce the leaders you choose
2. Leadership Assessment - Traits, Behaviours, & Contingency Approach (500-800 words)
3. Leadership Assessment - Perception and Ethics Perspective (500-800 words)
4. Leadership Assessment - Motivation and Social Influence (500-800 words)
5. Discussion (500 words)

The report needs to include a minimum nine (9) academic journal references + six (6) other references. See academic journals listed left in the 'Find resources' box. The cited academic references MUST be sourced from this list. This is a summary of the assessment, please consult the course outline for further information.

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Referencing Roadmap (Harvard)

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