Information Technology: Find books

Catalogue search tips

Use the Library catalogue find books, journals and videos in the collection.

  • Know the exact title of your book? Type the title of the item into the search box and select:
    • Title option. For example: Emerging technologies for the evolution and maintenance of software models
  • Searching for books on a particular topic? Type your key concepts in the search box. For example:
  • Quotes (" ") have been used above to search for the words as a phrase
  • Too many results? Try adding another keyword to your search or using the Refine search menu.

What is a scholarly book?

Look for the clues:

[(Jan Kromer “Magnifying glass”, CC Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 (, Image Source: flickr (]  Clue 1: Specialised publisher in the field: For example, a university press.

  Clue 2: Reputable author/creator: Look for the authors' qualifications.

                                    Clue 3: Includes cited references and a bibliography.

For more help watch the short Library video: Scholarly sources explained (2 mins 45 secs).