Computer Science: Find articles and papers

Search Strategies

The Library catalogue  will help you find information on any topic from journals, conferences, bDia, 'Binoculars', CC Licence: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 (, Image Source: flickr ( and more.

Library databases -  search tools that index literature such as articles, papers, reports, books chapters and more. Find full text material, or the reference and abstract only.

Is the article peer reviewed? See the guide How to find peer reviewed journal articles (2 p.)

Make a list of key concepts that relate to your topic

Combine these keywords using the search connectors OR, or AND

Use this symbol * to find word variations e.g. robot* finds robot, robots, robotics...

Use double quotes for phrases like "artifical intelligence"

Search example:      AI OR "artificial intelligence"

For more help try some of the short Library guides below:

It is important to evaluate the articles/papers you find to make sure they are of a high quality. Sometimes you will be asked to use peer reviewed journal articles. See the following video and brief "How to" guide for help.