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Limiting to ebooks in the catalogue [Image source: UniSA Library]

  To find books in the catalogue:
  • Conduct a search eg "financial economics"
  • Limit Format to Books
  • To show only ebooks
    Select Show Only: Full Text Online
  To Access a book:
  • ebook - click on the online link
  • print book - write down the call number
Call number in library catalogue, copyright UniSA library



Most Finance related books are located at City West you can browse the shelves using the following call numbers.

Subject Heading Call Number
Finance 332
Financial Reports/Statements 657.3
Personal Finance 332.024
Banks (Finance) including Islamic banking 332.1
Financial Management 658.15

For more information about ebooks visit the Library's ebook guide for help with

  • Finding, accessing, printing and downloading ebooks.
  • Learn what software is needed by your device
  • Look up our FAQ's

  Finding a journal article using the library catalogue:
  • conduct a search eg "social entrepreneurship" AND australia
  • Refine by Format> articles
  • Limit to Full Text online if you wish to view electronically
  • Select the title of an article of interest
  • Select the online access link at the bottom of the catalogue record to view the article (see screenshot below)
 Tip: To search for articles from a specific journal, try Advanced Search


Online journal access from the library catalogue, Copyright UniSA library

  Finding a journal article using databases:

Databases are searchable collections that index types of literature such as journal articles, newspaper articles, conference papers, reports, book chapters etc.

There is a complete list of Finance databases on the A - Z Database page available from the Library home page. Also check the multidisciplinary databases as they cover a wide range of academic topics. You can also find links to some of the key Finance databases located on this page under Databases in 'a selection of resources'.


  Database search tips
  • Searching for organi?ations will find either spelling:
    • organisations OR organization
  • Searching for manag* will find any words with that beginning including:
    • managers, management, managing etc.

For more information, use the:
Binuri Ranasinghe, ‘The case study’, CC License: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 (, Image source: Flickr (
Case studies are written accounts that give detailed information about a person, group, or organisation and their development over a period of time, with a view to making generalisations.
  Finding case studies in books
You can search for case studies using the Library catalogue:
  • add the phrase "case studies" to your search
  • limit by format/content type eg book or eBook 

Try these Library catalogue searches below to find case studies within books and eBooks.

  Case study journals

The Journal of Business Case Studies is an open access journal which allows you to search for case studies across a range of topics, including finance. All case studies are fully downloadable as pdfs.

  Finding case studies in databases

You can search for case studies in the following databases:

You can also add the phrase "case studies" to your database search in other databases to find case study articles.

Try the following searches in the Business Source Complete database to find case study articles or chapters:

  • "emerging economies" AND "case studies"
  Finding newspaper articles

For information and links on finding newspaper articles from both Australia and around the world, have a look at "Jan Kromer, 'Novinky: the news', CC Licence: Attribution 2.0 Generic, image source: flickr"the News Media Subject Guide.

Library Catalogue results automatically exclude newspaper articles, but you can add them back in to your results after searching.

In the Refine options:

  • Additional resources select Newspaper articles (this will add them to your results)
  • Format select Newspaper articles (this will limit your results to only show newspaper articles)

Here is an example search "small business enterprise"

The catalogue will also find articles from international newspaper articles. To narrow your search to a specific Country or region try one of the databases listed below

  Finding newspaper articles using databases

You can find relevant newspaper databases listed under the News subject heading on the right of the A-Z database listings page.

The databases listed below contain both Australian and international content:

  What are they and why use them?

Conference papers are the written version of presentations given at conferences or meetings of professional/scholarly bodies and organisations. Conference proceedings are a collection of these papers from a specific conference/meeting. The papers are generally reviewed by peers and collected together by the editors before being made available.

Image source: UniSA image libraryConference papers can be a great way to find up to date information, research trends and innovations on a specific topic. Researchers often present their research findings first at conferences. This can allow you to get a better understanding of the findings from the Researcher themselves.  

  Where to find them

You can find conference papers and proceedings in a variety of locations. The Library subscribes to many databases which contain conference papers including:


New resources

Latest resources @ UniSA in the Finance area


Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS)

PASS image - Image source: UniSA

What is PASS?

The Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) program is an academic assistance program designed to assist students with their understanding of the course content and performance in the course.


  • are facilitated by students who have excelled in particular courses
  • assist with your understanding of course content
  • conducted in a relaxed and informal environment
  • absolutely FREE! - check the timetable and attend any session!
Held in the Jeffrey Smart Building, Room (JS2-09A), City West Campus
Click on the link below to see the Courses covered and timetables

Referencing and Academic Skills

Jason Grant 'Roadmap to referencing', January 2013 [Image source: UniSA Library]

Need help referencing? Follow the roadmap!

What do you do with all those references you have found?  The Library has two bibliographic management tools that you can use to keep your references in order and all in the one location. 

The Library supports two Referencing tools:

Watch Manage your references - tools that can help you, decide which tool is best for you and then get started. 

Need advice on writing or presenting? Not sure how to organise your ideas? Study help can help!

L3 Student Learning Resources Hub

The Library collection also includes many resources on academic writing and study skills - example search

Access through your course Learnonline site. Chat live - 3pm-midnight.
Or submit online to get feedback.


Searching the Library Catalogue

Catalogue search tips:

   Know the exact title?
   Searching for a topic?
  • Type in keywords from your topic in the search box 
  • Too many results? narrow down by adding another keyword
  • Alternatively use the Advanced Search to add your topic or subject to the topic/subject field
   Useful Tips:
  • Use the Refine Search options to narrow your search e.g. by Format e.g. book
  • Use double quotes for phrases e.g. "south australia"
  • Use AND if you are looking for multiple terms or OR for interchangeable terms.
  • After doing a search, use the bar on the left to refine by format and date. In most cases, it is best to limit to materials from the last 5 years

Example search terms:

Click on the boxes below to see to see our examples searches

Library catalogue search "multinational corporations" OR MNC   Library catalogue search finance AND managementLibrary catalogue search "corporate social responsibility"Library catalogue search "business ethics" AND environment

A selection of resources

There is a complete list of Finance databases from the Databases tab on the Library home page. Also check the multidisciplinary databases as they cover a wide range of academic topics.

Below are suggested databases for Finance.

[Image source: UniSA Library]