Human Resource Management: EHS 200: Foundations of HRM - OUA 2016 SP 4 - Assessment 1 - Annotated Bibliography

Assessment question

Assessment 1

Due Date: 12 December 2016
Required: 3 annotated references each of 330 words = approx. 1000 words in total

Assessment Objective:
Explain the significance of the human resource management role in organisations, its different facets and its contribution to the achievement of corporate goals.

Your task:
You have been provided with 3 prescribed readings from the Human Resource Management (HRM) literature that address the aim and objectives of the unit. You are to annotate only these 3 references.

Important: *For further information please refer to the Outline for this Unit*

Assessment continued

Prescribed Readings

Your prescribed readings for annotation:

Refereed HRM journal

Ulrich, D & Dulebohn 2015, 'Are we there yet? what's next for HR?', Human Resource Management, vol. 25, no. 2, pp. 188-204.

Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development UK website

Gherson Diane J, 2015, 'The rise of HR, HR disrupted: the next agenda for delivering value' in D Ulrich, B Schiemann & L Sartain (eds), The Rise of HR: Wisdom from 73 Thoughtful Leaders, HR Certification Institute, CIPD UK, viewed 14 November 2016, pp. 303-308, <>

Professional Accounting Organization Newsletter

CP Australia newsletter, In the Black, 2016, 'Key strategies for new talent hires', 1 July <>

Recommended references

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Click on the tabs above to find links to resources recommended for you in your Course Outline

NOTE: For assignment 1 you should only reference the 3 prescribed readings.

* To access print copies from UniSA see our Off Campus Library Service for more information.

A great resource for finding articles as it is a refereed academic journal, so it contains  articles of high quality. Other excellent HRM academic journals you could use for your case study include:

Please note:

  • Sometimes a journal is available through more than one database. In these cases, choose the link which includes the most recent articles.
  • Once you're in a journal, you can then search the contents to find articles relevant to your assessment.

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Where can I start?

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This assessment help developed by the UniSA Library in consultation with academic staff will assist you to find literature for your first assessment.

  • Check your Unit Outline for full details of your assignment
  • Not sure what an Annotated bibliography is check out  box.
  • Interested in doing some more reading, have a look at some of the other box taken from the Unit Outline.
  • Even though you only have 3 references to use for the assignment don't forget you still need to include a bibliography. For more info about referencing see our box

What is an annotated bibliography?

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An annotated bibliography is a summary of a resource, that is a short description which informs a reader what a particular resource is about by presenting only the main information or ideas.

For more help see the UniSA Student Engagement Unit's document:

You can see a sample annotation on the Learning Centre of the University of NSW website: 

What is a Case Study?

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Case studies are descriptions of situations which you will likely encounter within your chosen discipline. They provide you with the opportunity to think about the complexities, make connections between theory and real life examples and provide a practical solution to real life problems. (adapted from 'Case studies' document by Student Engagement Unit)

For help with reading and analysing case studies, have a look at these:

Referencing help

Jason Grant 'Roadmap to referencing', January 2013 [Image source: UniSA Library]

Presentation of your document:

At the end of Assignment 1 place a reference list for your 3 annotations using the Harvard UniSA method.

Need help referencing? Follow the roadmap!