Education: Journal articles


The Library Catalogue

The Library Catalogue is a good starting point for finding journal articles.  It allows you to search simultaneously across many of the Library's databases.  If you cannot find what you need then try searching a database.

Library Databases

  • are searchable collections that index types of literature such as journal and newspaper articles, conference papers, reports, book chapters etc.
  • cover a range of topics
  • provide either the full text to an article / document or the reference and abstract

Try one of these key databases in Education.  Complete lists of databases with Education content or databases with Religion content are available.

...or try one of these multidisciplinary databases, which include education and related topics as some of the many subjects they cover.  Here are some good ones:

The following Education and Indigenous Studies online databases have been produced by the ACER's Cunningham Library.   These are all free resources.

Before you search analyse your research question. Consider:


  1. The main concepts in your question. You can use these as search terms.
  2. Any synonyms (similar keywords) you could also include in your search.
  3. Any words you need to define.
  4. Plurals or different word endings for any search terms.

Find different word endings or spellings in databases by using:

  • Truncation - for different word endings e.g. nurs* finds nurse, nurses, nursing...
  • Wildcards - find different words spellings e.g. ag?ing finds ageing or aging

Combine your keywords, using the connectors OR / AND, when searching.


Quick guides:

What is a peer reviewed/refereed article?

This type of article has been evaluated and recommended for publication by one or more experts in the field. These reviewers consider factors such as:

  • the author’s familiarity with current research and commentary
  • soundness of argument and methodology
  • whether the article makes a contribution to the field

Why should I use peer reviewed journal articles?

At university you are expected to use reputable sources. Peer review is an accepted measure of quality. Depending on your discipline and assignment, you may be required to use only peer reviewed articles.

How do I find peer reviewed journal articles?

There are a number of ways to do this:

  • the Library Catalogue and many of the databases may have an option to refine your results to Peer Reviewed or Scholary resources.  Read the information sheet on How to find... peer reviewed journal articles
  • check the Journal title in a serial directory called Ulrichsweb which will indicate if a journal is 'Refereed' (Peer reviewed)

It is important to save and organise references.  Use EndNote or RefWorks software to organise your references and create bibliographies. Find out more from Managing References.

The Library Catalogue and most databases allow you to save your references, and also export them into EndNote or RefWorks. Look at the Help feature within databases for more information. 

Need help with referencing?

Look at the Referencing webiste for Referencing Styles, Workship and Forum.

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