Education: Religious education

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An encyclopedia or dictionary can help you understand a broad overview of a subject before you start more detailed research. These are a just a few of our online resources:

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Try a search using some of these keywords

Connect and combine your keywords when searching.  Try starting with some of these combinations. 

Can you think of more? 

atheism OR agnosticism "religious movements" OR "new religions"
church AND "social problems" "religious pluralism" OR tolerance
education OR schools OR schooling "religious schools" AND discrimination
evolution religious AND (thought OR culture OR law)
practices secularism AND "the state"
pilgrimage "social justice"
prayer OR ritual OR liturgy

Useful Subject Headings

Standardised Subject Headings are assigned by cataloguers when an item record is added to the library catalogue.  To search for subject terms within the Library Catalogue enter your key terms then change the drop down box from All fields to Subject.  Try one of these examples:

Subject: Christian education Subject: "Religious education"
Subject: "Christian education" Philosophy

Subject: "Religious education" "Study and teaching"

Subject: Education "Religious aspects"

Subject: "Religious education" children

Subject: "Moral education" Subject: "Religious education" "young people"

Finding books on the shelf

Items are arranged on the Library shelves by topic, so items on a similar topic are generally located in the same area. Here are some useful Dewey numbers to look for:

200.1 Philosophy and theory of religion 294.5 Hinduism
201 Philosophy of Christianity 296 Judaism
220 The Bible 297 Islam, Babaism and Baha'i faith
230 Christian theology 305.697 Muslims - Australia
294.3 Buddhism 909.097 Civilisation, Islamic

Myth, ritual and Ancient religions

There is a wide range of material dealing with ancient religions and myths, including modern sacred beliefs outside of organised religions.  Try connecting and combining some of the following keywords or your own variations:

ecofeminism and the sacred book cover [image source UniSALibrary]

"ancient Egypt", Egyptology

"ancient Greece"

beliefs, traditions, sacred

"early Christianity"

Etruscans, Greeks, Romans

folklore, legend

gods, goddesses

myths, mythology


tites, rituals, ceremonies, festivals

"sacred feminine"

symbols, symbolism

temples, tombs, afterlife