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What is RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and other similar terms, and is a format used to deliver summaries of frequently changing website content such as news, database updates and new book titles. For more help and information, see What is RSS?

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How to use alerts to keep up to date

Would you like to be sent the Table of Contents of key journals as soon as they are published?

Would you like a successful search to be run again at regular periods to see if any new results appear?

The online resource Alerts from the Beyond Google for Research guide will assist you in keeping abreast of the literature and new developments in research in your area of interest. It will cover how to:

  • identify relevant databases that provide alerting services
  • register for, amend or delete email alerts and RSS feeds
  • identify publishers' services on the web e.g. ToCs (Table of Contents)

You can also contact the EASS Academic Services Library Team

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