Health: Aboriginal


Koala <image, public domain>Many databases, and the Library Catalogue, contain literature from all over the world. For indigenous literature specific to Australia, first add the terms aboriginal or indigenous to your search. Then:

  • use the search term: Australia in your search or
  • limit by geographic region: Australia, if available

TIP: Use the connector 'OR' to find synonyms when searching: For example: indigenous OR aboriginal.

For help searching see the Library guide:

Below are some key databases to help you find literature (e.g. articles, papers) on indigenous health.

Find more health databases to search, such as CINAHLand Medline, here.


Key websites

  • Australian Indigenous Health InfoNet
    Aims to inform practice and policy in Indigenous health by making research and other knowledge readily accessible. Find reports, articles, key journals, statistics, news, government publications, and more.
  • Closing the gap clearinghouse
    "A clearinghouse for research and evaluation evidence on what works to overcome Indigenous disadvantage" - homepage. Closing the Gap is an initiative of the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and the Australian Institute of Family Studies.
  • Department of Health: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health
    "A collection of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health-related information in the Health website." - homepage


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