Construction Management, Quantity and Building Surveying: Find books

Catalogue search tips

Search the Library Catalogue to find information on any topic from the Library's collection of print and electronic books, journals, theses, newspapers and conference proceedings.

For example, to search for books on

construction planning

quantity surveying

building surveying

  • Type the keywords into the Library Catalogue search box
  • Refine your results by Format:Books on the left hand menu
  • You can further refine your results by date, subject, author etc.

If you know the exact title of a book type it into the search box and select the Title option.
For example:
Construction planning, equipment, and methods

What is a scholarly book?

Look for the clues:

[(Jan Kromer “Magnifying glass”, CC Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 (, Image Source: flickr (]  Clue 1: Specialised publisher in the field: For example, a university press.

  Clue 2: Reputable author/creator: Look for the authors' qualifications.

                                    Clue 3: Includes cited references and a bibliography.

For more help watch the short Library video: Scholarly sources explained (2 mins 45 secs).