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These international databases include some guidelines, amongst other resources:

Before you search analyse your research question. Consider:

  1. The main concepts in your question. You can use these as search terms.
  2. Any synonyms (similar keywords) you could also include in your search.
  3. Any words you need to define.
  4. Plurals or different word endings for any search terms.

Find different word endings or spellings in databases by using:

  • Truncation - for different word endings e.g. exercis* finds exercise, exercises, exercising...
  • Wildcards - find different words spellings e.g. ag?ing  ageing or aging

Combine your keywords, using the connectors OR / AND, when searching.

Lateral ankle OR anterior talofibular ligament*


Sprain* OR Strain*


physiotherapy OR physical therapy 

Tick [Image source: Pixabay,, copied under CC0 1.0,]Tip: Use database limits in Ovid databases to limit to Guideline, Overall and Practice Guidelines


Tick [Image source: Pixabay,, copied under CC0 1.0,]Stuck? Consider using the PICO framework to clarify your thinking. 

Quick guides:

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Australian clinical practice guidelines

Clinical guidelines are systematically developed statements to assist health professional and client decisions about appropriate health care for specific circumstances.

They are used to translate evidence into actionable recommendations that can be applied to clinical situations. The below sources specifically include Australian guidelines.

International clinical practice guidelines

Search Google for guidelines

You can search in Google to locate clinical practice guidelines.

You are able to do a comprehensive search in Google by combining your keywords using the connectors OR / AND.


("lateral ankle" OR "anterior talofibular ligament")


(Sprain OR strain)


(physiotherapy OR "physical therapy") AND (“clinical guidelines” OR “clinical guideline” OR “clinical practice guideline” OR “clinical practice guidelines” OR “clinical protocols” OR “clinical protocol”)

Use these refinement options to get more relevant results

  • verbatim - search for exact words only
Tools > All results dropdown arrow > verbatim
  • date - locate up-to-date results
Tools > Any time dropdown arrow > custom range
  • Country

Settings > search settings > Region settings