Project Management: Find books

Find case studies in books

Books may contain case studies. To find relevant books with them add the concept "case studies" to your search.

Then refine your search by "Format" Books, and "Show only" Full Text Online (to display ebooks only)

Note: you may need to check the table of contents in a book to see if it includes case studies.

Catalogue search tips

Search the Library Catalogue to find relevant books and other material in the collection.

  • Title search - Type the book title into the search box and select the Title option. For example: Engineering design, planning, and management
  • Topic Search - Type your topic keywords into the search box. For example:

Refine your search by "Format" Books, and "Show only" Full Text Online (to display ebooks only)

**Not seeing your keywords in the results? Check the "table of contents" in the book to see if there is a chapter related to your keyword search.

**Too many results? Add another keyword to your search - project management engineering risk. Use the left Refine search menu to narrow your search results further by Subject, Date...

What is a scholarly book?

Look for the clues:

[(Jan Kromer “Magnifying glass”, CC Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 (, Image Source: flickr (]  Clue 1: Specialised publisher in the field: For example, a university press.

  Clue 2: Reputable author/creator: Look for the authors' qualifications.

                                    Clue 3: Includes cited references and a bibliography.

For more help watch the short Library video: Scholarly sources explained (2 mins 45 secs).