Project Management: Find articles and papers

Key databases

Business Source Complete

Under Search Options select Document Type: Case Study and Publication Type: Case Study. This will retrieve case studies, rather than general journal articles.

Emerald Insight

To find case studies in Emerald, select the Case Studies tab.



Tips for searching effectively

Note any subjects terms given in the Library Catalogue or database records. Found a relevant article? Look at:

undefined Author supplied keywords / subjects

undefined Terminology found in the abstract or text

undefined References listed by the author(s)

undefined References which cite the article

This information may be useful when doing further searching.

Search tips

Andrew Seaman, 2016, 'Binocular Boy',  CC BY-ND 2.0:, available at:

Make a list of key concepts that relate to your topic. Combine these keywords using the search connectors OR & AND.

OR: combines similar keywords - quality control OR quality assurance
AND: combines different concepts - project management AND quality control

Use an asterisk * to find word variations e.g. strateg* will find strategy, strategic etc. Use double quotes for phrases such as "project management".

Search example: "quality control" OR "quality assurance" AND "project management" AND strateg*

For more help try some of the short Library guides below: