Engineering: ENGG 1003: Sustainable Engineering Practice

Assignment 1

For information please refer to the Course Outline


Use the Roadmap to Referencing to help you decide what your source is and how to reference it according to Harvard-UniSA style.

Managing references guide will give you more information on the different referencing tools available.

Watch this video for more information

More Help

Plan your search before you start

"Paper" Royalty free image source : Deathtostockphoto  Plan your search before you search for information!

 Watch this video for tips on how to find your key concepts and  keywords: 

Think. Plan. Discover. Why keywords
(1 min. 30 secs)

TIP:  Now identify the key concepts from your project outline and make a list of keywords for those concepts.
        Below is an example topic with the key concepts underlined:

      Give evidence of what you have learnt about engineering and sustainable community development

Tips for getting started

Books/ebooks can be useful for getting an overview of a topic. To find them search the Library catalogue and narrow results by: Format --> Books

TIP: Try searching for the keywords from your assignment concepts in the Library Catalogue:

Example search:   sustainable community development

Search Google Scholar via the UniSA Library to see the Full Text @ UniSA links when off-campus.
The full text may not always be freely available. However, if the Library has an electronic subscription to the item you find, you may be able to link to the full text from the Full Text @ UniSA link.

Databases are search tools that find articles, papers, book chapters, reports, case studies and other material.

Try one of the international databases below - add Australia to your search to locate material with an Australian focus



Evaluating your information

Public domain image []It is important to evaluate!  - For selecting quality information for your assignment.

Watch this video  - which will help you with selecting  quality references:

 You be the judge: learn to evaluate

Look at these Subject guides for Indigenous content

ICUP: Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment (ITEE)