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Resources for Bachelor of Aviation Management

AERO 3017 - Aviation Managment

INFS 2022 - Project management principles and strategies

AERO 2057 - Airline Finance

AERO 2059 - Aviation Economics

AERO 3018 - Aviation Strategic Management

AERO 1014 - Aviation Law

AERO 2060 - Aviation Marketing

AERO 3013 - Communications and Research Methods


Searching for resources

Search for resources such as books, ebooks, and articles using the Library catalogue

Quick tips to get you started:

  • If you know the exact title, type it into the search box and select the Title option 
  • Try a keyword search e.g. Aviation
  • Use double quotes for phrases "..." e.g. "Human Factors"
  • Narrow your search by Format type: Book or Articles or Media
  • Find scholarly journal articles by selecting Refine Search > Peer Reviewed
  • Find recent material by narrowing your search by a Date range

Check out Beyond Google for Your Research for more information.

Finding journals

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If you know the name of the journal, enter it in the Library CatalogueJournal articles are a useful resource as they:

  • present current research
  • may be from peer reviewed (refereed) journals
  • provide highly focused information
  • may be required for some assignments

You can also use our journal database to directly search through our journal list. Here is a list of some of those journals to get you started:

Finding databases

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Use databases to search for ...

  • journal articles
  • book chapters
  • conference papers
  • research reports
  • theses

Start by searching some of the following:

EndNote Guide

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