Planning: Find articles and papers

Find articles, papers and other publications by searching:

Dia, 'Binoculars', CC Licence: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 (, Image Source: flickr ( Library catalogue - the Library's search tool. Find information on any topic from journals, conferences, books and more.

Library databases -  search tools that index literature such as articles, papers, reports, books chapters and more. Find full text material, or the reference and abstract only.

Is the article peer reviewed? See the guide How to find peer reviewed journal articles (2 p.)

Tips for searching effectively

Note any subjects terms given in the Library Catalogue or database records.

Found a relevant article? Look at:

  • author supplied keywords / subjects given
  • terminology found in the Abstract or full text
  • references listed by the author(s)
  • references which cite the article ("cited by" references)

This information may be useful when doing further searching.

Your search strategy

  1. Identify the main concepts  of your researcheg. public,health,open space
  2. Make a list of alternative keywords - eg. public/community, health/well-being, open space/green space
  3. Combine your keywords using the connectors OR / AND
    • OR: combines similar keywords (synonyms)
    • AND: combines different concepts
  4. If necessary use a truncation symbol * to find other forms of words 
    - communit* will find community, communities

Search example:      

public OR community
health OR well-being
open space OR green space

See these short guide for more help: