Business: Business and Society BUSS 1057 - Assessment 2 - SP5 2017

Assessment #2: Online presentation


This assignment requires you to explore environmental sustainability challenges in business and society. You are to:

  1. Use contemporary audiovisual technology to prepare and deliver an effective online presentation
  2. Present a convincing, clear and concise argument

Task description

Prepare a voice clip or voice-over PowerPoint presentation which identifies, describes and explains why and how an activity taken by a profit-oriented organization contributed to local and global environmental sustainability.

You should:

  • Start by defining what is environmental sustainability? Why is it important? What are some of the current environmental concerns?
  • Introduce the chosen organization
  • Present your findings - identify the activity, describe it, explain why that activity was chosen by the organization, how it was implemented and how it contributed to BOTH local AND global environmental sustainability.

Some examples of sustainable practices area:

  • environmentally responsible sourcing of raw materials
  • use of renewable energy and other resources
  • packaging
  • reuse of materials
  • recycling
  • waste reduction
  • zero waste approach
  • product stewardship.

NOTE: Not-for-profits, government and NGO organizations cannot be considered for this assignment.

You will need to acknowledge where the conceptual and audio-visual material you use in the presentation comes from through referencing according to the UniSA version of the Harvard Guide.

The maximum length of your presentation is 3 minutes +/- 10%.


Technical Requirements

  • Can be a video clip or an auto running PowerPoint with a voice over presentation.
  • Should be prepared in a widely accepted format which can be uploaded through learnonline.
  • Acceptable video file formats include Quicktime .mov, Windows Media .wmv.
  • PowerPoint presentations should be in Microsoft PowerPoint Slideshow format in either the .ppt or.pptx versions. If you are doing a voice over PowerPoint make sure that the voice files are properly embedded.
  • To save your PowerPoint presentation as a .wmv video file:
  • For PowerPoint 2013: File > Export > Create a video 
  • For PowerPoint 2010: File > Save & Send > Create a Video

Simple presentations such as speaking to the webcam and a succession of stills with commentary are acceptable, as are more complex submissions. Students who do not have access to facilities which would allow them to prepare such an audio-visual presentation should approach their tutor before the end of week 3 to make alternative arrangements. The alternative arrangement will most likely be the production of a full-page newspaper advertisement or poster, A3 size.


REMEMBER always check your Course Outline as it outlines the requirements for each assignment plus assessment details and marking criteria.

Choosing Your Keywords

What are the main concepts and keywords?

This assignment requires you to:

Prepare a video clip of voice-over PowerPoint presentation which identifies, describes and explains why and how an activity taken by a profit-oriented business organization contributed to local and global environmental sustainability.

Try to think of words that have similar meanings (synonyms) to the keywords or phrases highlighted.

Here are some examples of keywords or phrases you could use -- what others can you think of?

For more help with keywords, watch this short (3 mins.) video. 

Once you have decided what keywords to search for you need to combine them. Have a look at our How to... connect and combine search terms

Making your video

Using PowerPoint for Your Video

Where can I access PowerPoint?
PowerPoint 2013 can be found in all general purpose computer pools and computer barns on campus. For more information see Computer pools hardware and software.

All pools/barns have sound cards and headphone sockets. You will need headphones with a microphone, or you may record using your mobile phone, or on a laptop.

You can also borrow a laptop with an inbuilt microphone from the Library. Laptops cannot be booked in advance. Ask at the Library service point to check if any are available.


Information on how to create your video or autorunning PowerPoint presentation can be found at the links below:

Architetto -- Cinepresa Source: OpenClipart CC Licence Public DomainOther resources to help you make your video

Create a movie in iMovie  How to create a movie project,  add clips to the timeline, rearrange, shorten, and lengthen your clips, add titles, transitions, and effects. Provided by Apple Inc.

Making videos on your Android smartphone  Tools and techniques beginners can use to shoot, edit and upload videos from their Android smartphone.

Learn to create a video with Windows MovieMaker includes instructions for capturing and arranging clips, editing, adding effects, transitions, adding music.

Make a Movie on Windows Movie Maker YouTube Video showing how to make a video step by step in the Windows Movie Maker software.

Making movies on your iPhone A beginner’s look at what the iPhone offers for movie makers.

Videomaker ejournal containing articles on pre and post film production, including digital video.

YouTube Use YouTube to find online video and film footage.


Making a video using PowerPoint


This 53 minute video of a Library workshop will show you how to make a video using PowerPoint 2010.

If you would like to just watch a particular segment, the time sequences are:

  • Introduction 0:00
  • Change slide transitions to make your presentation auto running 2:13
  • Add animations 4:26
  • Record your narration 19:25
  • Add music 36:30
  • Convert your presentation to a video 41:23


Need help?


We'll be popping up outside your lecture on Monday the 9th of October.

Have a question about assignment 2? Come and ask us!

On Campus Workshops

Need more more help to make a PowerPoint video?

Come to a Library Workshop and learn how to:

  • Change slide transitions to make an autorunning presentation
  • Add animations
  • Record a narration
  • Add a sound file
  • Save your PowerPoint as a video


 Tuesday October 10  6.00 - 7.00 pm  City West JS6-17 (Jeffrey Smart Building)


It is not necessary to book.

See you there!

Referencing help

Jason Grant 'Roadmap to referencing', January 2013 [Image source: UniSA Library]

You need to acknowledge where the conceptual and audio-visual material  you use in your presentation comes from.

Need help referencing? Follow the roadmap!

The Roadmap to referencing site shows you how to reference using the Harvard-UniSA style.

More help

If you need more help try one of these options:

  • Contact Ask the Library (via Chat, email or phone). Live chat and phone are available from 8.30am to 9.00pm Monday to Friday, 2.00pm to 6.00pm Saturday to Sunday (Australian Central Standard time), email is available 24 hours
  • If you are in Adelaide ask at a Service Point located in the Library
  • If you are studying outside of Adelaide, living remotely or have difficulty in using the Library in person the Off Campus Library Service can help
  • Have a look at our online workshops and videos
  • Contact the Student Engagement Unit for help with referencing, writing reports and essays and plagiarism
  • Use the Help, Tips or Hints screens within the Library Catalogue and the databases