Information Systems: Find books

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Information Systems books are located in the Library under the following call numbers:

Subject Heading Call number
Systems 003
Data processing and computer science 004
Information storage and retrieval systems 025.04
Information management systems 658.4038







Catalogue search tips

Use the Library catalogue to search for relevant books. Books can be useful for finding an overview of a topic.

Title search - Type the title into the search box and select the Title option, for example: Systems analysis and design in a changing world

Topic search

What is a scholarly book?

Look for the clues:

[(Jan Kromer “Magnifying glass”, CC Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 (, Image Source: flickr (]  Clue 1: Specialised publisher in the field: For example, a university press.

  Clue 2: Reputable author/creator: Look for the authors' qualifications.

                                    Clue 3: Includes cited references and a bibliography.

For more help watch the short Library video: Scholarly sources explained (2 mins 45 secs).