Telecommunications: Find books

Some books in the collection:

Books can be useful for finding an overview, or getting an introduction, to a topic.

Find books on the shelf

Telecommunication books are located in the Library under the following call numbers.

Remember, the Library has a large collection of ebooks you can access through the Library catalogue.

Subject Heading Call Number
Telecommunications 384
Computer Communications 384.3
Wireless Communications 384.5
Communications Engineering 621.38


Catalogue search tips

Search the catalogue to find relevant books in the Library collection.

  • For Topic search suggest add inverted commas to phrases, so that they will be searched as phrases 
  • Too many results? Add another keyword to your search - telecommunication network design
    Use the left hand menu to narrow your results further by Subject or Date.

What is a scholarly book?

Look for the clues:

[(Jan Kromer “Magnifying glass”, CC Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 (, Image Source: flickr (]  Clue 1: Specialised publisher in the field: For example, a university press.

  Clue 2: Reputable author/creator: Look for the authors' qualifications.

                                    Clue 3: Includes cited references and a bibliography.

For more help watch the short Library video: Scholarly sources explained (2 mins 45 secs).