News Media: Australian

Discover Australian newspapers and news services as well as television shows that go behind the news.

Behind the news

Watch news, current affairs and selected documentaries aired on Australian free-to-air networks online. Content is available from August 2007 onwards. Shows include:

South Australian

Independent news and comment

Television and other media

Talkback and news radio starters

Search tips

Find full text newspaper articles and streamed videos in the Library's collection.  

  • Looking for a newspaper? Type the title into the search box and select the Title option
    For example: "The Advertiser".    TIPS:
    • use double quotes for a phrase
    • you may need to narrow your search by Format: Journal.
  • Try searching a news media database listed below that indexes Australian content

Key Australian databases

Search these databases to find full text, Australian content:

Aboriginal media

Try these sites for  current and past media stories on Aboriginal issues.          

(Note: Please be aware that content may include images of people who have died.)

Historical newspaper articles

Search South Australian newspapers on Trove