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Discover Australian newspapers and news services as well as television shows that go behind the news.

Behind the news

TV [Image: dcatcherex 2010, Blue tv,, CCO 1.0,, source: Open Clip Art Library] TVNews
Watch news, current affairs and selected documentaries aired on Australian free-to-air networks online. Content is available from August 2007 onwards. Shows include:

South Australian

Independent news and comment

Television and other media

Talkback and news radio starters

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Find full text newspaper articles and streamed videos in the Library's collection.  

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  • Try searching a news media database listed below that indexes Australian content

Key Australian databases

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Search these databases to find full text, Australian content:

In print

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Come into the Library to read the following newspapers. 
(Note: Check print holdings for locations and availability.

Indigenous media

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Try these sites for  current and past media stories on Indigenous issues.          

(Note: Please be aware that content may include images of people who have died.)

Historical newspaper articles

Search South Australian newspapers on Trove