Open access: Mandated OA

UniSA Open Access Policy

UniSA's Open Access Policy applies to scholarly publications and other published research outputs arising from publicly funded research produced by the following:

  • research, academic, teaching and professional staff
  • holders of honorary academic titles conferred by the University
  • research higher degree and research professional doctorate candidates.

This policy enables the University to fulfil its responsibilities as articulated in the NHMRC's revised policy on the dissemination of research findings, and the ARC's Open Access Policy.

Impact of Open Access

"The impact of our clinical research relies on the information being easy to access. Limited access means limited collaboration and limited influence."

-- Associate Professor Susan Hillier, Dean: Research & Research Education; Stroke and Rehabilitation Group, iCAHE


ARC & NHMRC Policy Compliance Flowchart by an Institution


ARC and NHMRC Policy Compliance Flowchart by an Institution [Source:]

ARC & NHMRC Open Access policies

Recently, both the Australian Research Council (ARC) and National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) have implemented Open Access Policies for research publications supported by their funded research projects.

Both the ARC policy and the NHMRC policy have similar stipulations which require publications arising from their funded research projects be deposited into an open access institutional repository within a twelve month period from the date of publication.

Watch the presentation held as part of International Open Access Week in October 2013, and see an expert panel discuss the ARC and NHMRC open access policies. 

The panel includes Prof. Aidan Byrne (CEO of the ARC) and Prof. Warwick Anderson (CEO of the NHMRC) and is moderated by Prof. Young (Vice-Chancellor of ANU), and was hosted by The Australian Open Access Support Group and The Australian National University.

ARC & NHMRC requirements

The policies are effective from:

  • ARC - 1st January 2013. This applies to publications arising from Funding Agreements made after January 2013. The first publications are not potentially due to be made available in an institutional repository until 1st January 2014.
  • NHRMC - accepted for publication from 1st July 2012.

Both the ARC and NHMRC recognise that researchers may not be able to meet the new requirements initially because of current legal or contractual obligations. Read the relevant ARC or NHMRC policy for futher information including:

  • responsibility for ensuring compliance with the policy
  • which publications should be included in the institutional repository
  • what information should be submitted to the institutional repository and when.

The ARC and NHMRC require a version of the document to be made available via the Research Outputs Repository as the:

  • publisher's version of the paper (eg with final pagination and formatting) where an agreement from the publisher allows for this version to be made open access, or
  • author's version after peer review, with revisions having been made, such as a Word document.

For further information about which version of a paper can be loaded, see the SHERPA/RoMEO database of international publisher policies.

Mandatory archiving policies

Before submitting a publication, you should always check your funding agreements for open access publishing requirements.

SHERPA/JULIET provides a searchable database on the grant conditions of funding organisations and their archiving policies, or go direct to the funding body's webpages.