Nursing: Find the evidence (Books)


Books can provide:[Horia Varlan, 'Hardcover book gutter and pages', CC Licence: CC BY 2.0 (, Image source: Flickr (]

  • definitions
  • topic overviews
  • step-by-step guides
  • in-depth information on a topic

...and much more comprehensive coverage of a topic than a webpage. Many books in the Library's collection are written or edited by people with expertise in the relevant field.

Types of books

There are a number of different types of books that you may need to use. For example:

Reference books - includes encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionaries, bibliographies and directories. Consult them to define terms or  find specific information. Search for them using the catalogue, like any other book.

Textbooks - provide instructional material intended for educational purposes. Textbooks are frequently updated as the material can become out of date very quickly.
Scholarly books - written on specific subjects and usually for a specific audience. Scholarly materials are necessary for university-level research in most disciplines.

You should evaluate any books you use to decide if you should use it in your research. For helping doing this see the Evaluate page.

The Library Catalogue is a database of everything that is owned or accessed by the UniSA Library. It is also a good starting place for searching for books.

Search example: nursing "mental health"

  Nursing search example [Source: UniSA Library catalogue]

Remember to note the call number if the book is only available in print. You will need this to find it on the shelves.

Quick tips

  • Search for the Title or Author by changing the drop-down menu from All fields
  • Limit by Format to find books or media only (select 'more'...)
  • Limit by Format: books or media - select 'more' to see all options
  • Looking for ebooks or streamed videos only? - select Show only: Full Text Online

Common title? Add extra information (e.g. author's surname), or try the Advanced Search.

ELearning image [Source: Dollar photo club,]An ebook is a digital book. It functions just like a traditional print book, but it can be enhanced with technology to make it connected and interactive.

Ebooks are accessed through the internet and read using computers, tablets, smartphones or ereaders.

For help finding, using and downloading UniSA Library ebooks see the:


Care Frameworks

<image of a steel frame>Make sure your recommendations meet the specifications outlined in a care framework. Some key ones are linked to below.

Finding references in the Library