Ebook guide: SAGE

Using SAGE ebooks


You can read online by clicking the desired chapter/section heading. This will display the chapter in scroll format, but you have the option to show page numbers, for easier citation.


You can search within the ebook by clicking to open a section, then typing your search term into the "Search this chapter" box.


To download in PDF format, click on desired chapter/section title, then select "Download" (next to book title and details).


Individual chapters can be printed by using the "Print" icon, above the chapter title to the right.


This can be done using comments on downloaded PDFs.

SAGE ebooks at a glance

Read online Yes
Download Yes, by chapter as PDF
Print Yes, by chapter
Highlight/annotate Yes, on saved PDF
Personal account Yes, gives access to saved searches
DRM free Yes
Simultaneous access Multiple users
Online help SAGE Knowledge help