Electronic resource trials: Current trials

This guide holds information on electronic resources under trial by the Library.
Electronic resource trials


UniSA Library aims to provide teachers, researchers and students with the most useful resources to carry out their work.

To help us make the right choices we arrange access to new electronic resources on a trial basis. We encourage you to use them and provide us with feedback. There are many valuable resources which could be considered for subscription, so please assist in the decision-making process by providing your thoughts.

eMarketer PRO

Get digital marketing data with eMarketer PRO

eMarketer PRO includes hundreds of reports and forecasts, and thousands of charts, briefs and interviews for every aspect of digital marketing.

eMarketer aggregates research data from many sources, filters and organises it, then produces analysis to give you the answers you need. All eMarketer products are frequently updated and are transparent about their sources and methodology.

Available until 13 April 2017


Know more engineering with 

Knovel enables engineering students and researchers to solve engineering problems faster.

It contains interactive, full text, engineering technical resources from 120 different publishers – ebooks, manuals, databases, material properties, handbooks, conference proceedings and interactive graphs/tables/equations.

Available until 29 April 2017

EPS China Data

EPS China Data presents series statistical and census data on China. The data platform includes 41 databases (as of March 2017) sourced from industrial, regional and national organisations, covering various subjects/industries and all regions of China. It is a one-stop service, offering data retrieval, processing, analysis, forecasting, visualization display and export.

EPS China Data offers both English and Chinese versions, and contains over 1.2 million basic and combined statistical indicators in time series with a yearly increment of more than 55 million numeric data.

Available until 1 May 2017

Obstetric Sonography

Obstetric Sonography

Obstetric Sonography is one of the most comprehensive obstetric ultrasound reference libraries available online, providing immediate 24/7 access to expert diagnostic images, videos and information.

The library has over 300 pages of expert sonographic information accompanied by over 1500 images and over 600 videos. There are also specialised sections containing case studies and video galleries.

Available until 11 May 2017

Trial suggestions

We welcome suggestions for resources that the Library could trial. Please send your suggestions to LBY-Eresources@unisa.edu.au.