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3MT competition

Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) is a competition for doctoral students to develop and showcase their research communication skills.

Title slide

Please use the template provided below for your presentation slides. Please do not change the font or size of the text on the title slide. 

Remember to include an attribution (reference) for information you have used. If you need to reference a picture, image or any kind of content in your slide, you can do it on the title page or at the bottom of the slide in a small box. More information in the Copyright box below.

Main slide

You only have one slide so put in the time to make sure it enhances your presentation. Remember less is more, you want your slide to complement your presentation, not distract from it. Always refer back to the rules remembering:

  • Only one single static PowerPoint slide is allowed
  • No movement is permitted, including transitions and animations
  • No additional electronic media can be added (e.g. sounds or music files)

Check out the tips on preparing your slide in the 3MT competitor guide

There are heaps of resources available to help with PowerPoint Design, including:


Are you using information on your slide that's protected by Copyright? Work protected by Copyright may not be re-used without written permission—even if you’ve adapted it and made changes. This includes text, images, tables, charts, etc.

The safest way to be sure that you are legally entitled to re-use a work is to search for works that have been freely licensed in advance. See the Library’s page on Permissions for more information about obtaining written permission from the copyright owner.

The Library's Copyright pages have more information on managing Copyright in your thesis.