Aboriginal Content in Undergraduate Programs: Evaluate

Evaluate Resources

Resources need to be evaluated to ensure they are suitable to use for your teaching.

Check if the results meet your requirements:

  • does it match the type of information you required?
  • does it represent the point of view you need?
  • is it from a primary, secondary or tertiary source?
  • is the information recent enough?

When evaluating your results, think about:

Currency How current does the information need to be? Do you need to use information published in the last five years or are older, seminal works fine to use?
Suitability Does it align with course or program learning outcomes?
Quality Who is the creator? Are they reputable? Is the content accurate and up-to-date?
Accuracy Is evidence given for the research undertaken? Can you verify the information presented by using other sources? Is there a bibliography or references given?
Ease of use: Is the resource easy to use, accessible and available in alternative formats to assist a wide variety of learning preferences?

Yurirka: Proppa Engagement with Aboriginal Peoples

Yurirka: Proppa Engagement with Aboriginal Peoples is a guide designed for the University of South Australia’s staff and students. It is a valuable resource in our shared commitment to work, engage and partner respectfully with Aboriginal Peoples.

Purkarninthi in Residence (UniSA's Elders in Residence) share their reflections on the resource and its contributions to respectful engagement and reconciliation.