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ACCT 5016: Management Accounting M

1. ACCT 5016: Management Accounting M

This page will assist you to find scholarly information and other resources to support your assessments.

Please refer to your course outline and course learnonline site for full assessment details.

2. How to plan your search

Start your assignment by planning your search. Watch this short video (2 min 26 sec) about how to effectively search on your topic.

3. How to search the Library collection

How to start your search (opens in a new tab)

Basic searching

Use the search box on the Library website to try out the keywords and phrases you've identified. Here are some examples of searches:

Here are some examples of searches:

Note: Remember to use the menu on the right to limit your search by publication date and type of resource as preferred.

You can also try your search terms in specialised accounting databases.

5. How to build an effective argument

Watch the following video (4 min 39 sec) on how to build an effective argument.

6. How to write a report

Watch this short video (2 min 53 sec) below for tips on how to write a report.

For more help on improving your academic skills and referencing, please visit Study Help page.

7. Oral presentation tips

Improve your presentation skills with the following useful resources:

8. How to work effectively in a team

Watch the video (5 min 7 sec) below about how to effectively work in a team. 

9. Video editing software and tutorials

10. Referencing Support

Managing your references

What do you do with all those references you have found? Use a bibliographic management software to store, organise and cite your references.

There are many free systems available. The Library supports the bibliographic management tool EndNote. For more information see the EndNote guide.