Business: UniSA Online - BUSS 2081: Management and Organisation - Assessment 1

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Finding media articles for assessment 1

What you need to do

For assessment 1 you need to find recent news media articles, preferably Australian, related to an organisational issue/workplace event or problem.

​Please refer to your course outline or website for the assessment details.

Plan your search

Exploring some of the issues, problems and events relevant to what you have been studying in the course is key to this assignment. Here are some of the topic areas covered in the course:

Authentic leadership Globalisation Motivation and rewards
Challenges faced by minorities and women Internationalisation of business Organisational environment
Change management Leadership and management Organisational culture and climate
Cultural differences in the workplace Internal environments Organisational values
Diversity within organisations (multiculturalism and ethnicity, gender, age) Leadership styles and traits Toxic or destructive leadership
External environments (trends, customs values, demographics, technologies, economics, political)  Motivation in the workplace Transformational vs transactional leadership 

Remember there are more you could explore.

These topic areas, and others you think of, will give you some of the key concepts to use in your searches for news media articles.

Key concepts (also known as keywords) are found in the assignment question. These are the words which give meaning to the question and the main ideas.

For example:

  • Question/task: Using examples found in current literature, describe how toxic leadership can affect motivation in the workplace.
  • Key concepts could include: Toxic leadership, motivation, workplace. 

To cover the range of terminology used in the literature, you must also identify any synonyms or alternative concepts for each concept.

For example:

  • Destructive leadership
  • Negative leadership
  • Toxic boss
  • Motive
  • Incentive
  • Discourage
  • Hinder
  • Office
  • Worksite
  • Company
  • Organisation 

To understand more about planning your search, watch or read:

Where to search

Key databases

To find Australian news media articles you can search the following key databases:

Find more search options in the following Library guide:

How to search

How to search in Newsbank Newspapers

Below is an example search on gender discrimination in the workplace.

  1. Select Australian Newspapers, then Advanced Search.
  2. Add each concept into a new search box. Connect these with AND.
  3. Then add any synonyms or alternative concepts using the connector OR. This will make your search more comprehensive.
  4. From the drop down menu select Lead/First Paragraph. This will help you to avoid irrelevant results.

  5. Select Search.
  6. Your results are filtered by date with the most recent first (left menu). Change this to Best Match.

Tip: Change your date range to the last five years to get more recent articles.

How to search in Australia and New Zealand Newsstream

Below is an example search for toxic leaders.

  1. Select the Advanced Search option (top of page).
  2. Type each key concept in a new search box. These are connected with AND.

  3. Then add any synonyms or alternative concepts using the connector OR.

  4. Select Anywhere except full text from the drop down menu.
  5. Select Search.

Tip: To find recent news media articles limit by Publication date (left menu). Try the last five years. You may also want to limit by Source type.

More study help

Now you have your information, it is time to put everything together. The below resources will help you get started: