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Assignment Help

Finding scholarly sources for assessment 2

What you need to do

This assignment help will assist you with finding academic (scholarly) sources to answer the questions in the case study.

Make sure you check your course outline and website for the assessment details.

Where you need to search

The library holds a range of databases (search tools) to help you find scholarly information.

We recommend using the following:

Getting started Key databases to search
The Library catalogue Business Source Complete
  Emerald Insight

Plan your search

Before you start searching for academic (scholarly) sources to support your case study analysis, it is a good idea to plan your approach. Think about:

  • Where you need to search
  • How you plan to search

The 'how' can be tricky. Have a look at each of the case study questions and try to pick out the main ideas (key concepts) you want to follow up on.

Some possible key concepts you could use in your searches are:

Bounded Rationality Five Competitive Forces Redundancy
Challenges Five Forces Revenue
Cost Impact Risk
Crisis Job Losses Six Steps
Decision Making PESTLE Strategic Management
Emergency Planning Strategic Program
External Environment Rationale Strategic Response

Also think about how concepts may vary in the literature. People may not refer to ideas in exactly the same way. For example:

strategic response OR strategic plan OR strategic management

 OR strategic program OR Six Steps

A table or mind map can be a good strategy for brainstorming:

Strategic Response External Environment Risks Planning

Strategic plan

Strategic management

Six steps

5 Forces



Job losses


Decision making



Tip: Use a thesaurus to help you think of synonyms or alternative concepts


More help:

Start your search

The Library catalogue can be a good place for finding academic (scholarly) books and journal articles.

Library catalogue search example

  • Type your first concept into the search box

  • Tip: For phrases, use double quotation marks around them to keep the words together
  • Add another concept to focus your search further. The more concepts you add, the smaller your results will become

  • Select the search icon
  • Use the left menu to limit your results. Some key limits you can use are:
    • Format: Book / Journals - to find specific types of information
    • Peer reviewed journal - useful for finding academic (scholarly) articles
    • Publication date - useful for finding recent information

For more searching tips, watch:

Search key databases

It is recommended that you also search for relevant academic (scholarly) literature using Library databases.

Business Source Complete is a key databases for finding information in the field of business, management, marketing and finance.

  • Start by typing each different concept into a new search field. Notice these are connected using AND

Tip: Use double quotation marks around around phrases to keep them together

  • Select Search. Take note of your results
  • Add synonyms or alternative concepts to your search using the connector OR. This will help broaden your search

  • Select Search. Notice how your results change
  • Use the left menu to limit your search further. Select:
    • Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals

Emerald Insight is another key database for finding information in fields of business, management, accounting, marketing, information technology and library science.

You can search Emerald Insight in a similar way to Business Source Complete.

  • Select the Advanced search option
  • Use Add Row to add a new line
  • Add each different concept into a new search field. These are connected using AND
  • Use the connector OR to add synonyms or alternative terms

Put it all together

For help with writing your assignment see: