Business: BUSS 3103: International Business Environments

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1. BUSS 3103: International Business Environments

This assessment requires you to complete a case study with two components:

1. A one page memo

2. International business plan

image of information icon For full assessment details, please see your course site and course outline.

2. Plan your search

To create your international business plan you will need to find:

  1. Company information
  2. Industry information about the industry your chosen company operates within.
  3. Country information.

The library holds a range of databases (search tools) to help you find company, industry and country information.

Company information top picks Industry information top picks Country information top picks

Zed Technologies website



Passport GMID

Passport GMID

Business Source Ultimate

I want more I want more I want more
D&B Hoovers

Business Source Ultimate

D&B Hoovers

OECD data

Tip: Both Passport GMID and Business Source Ultimate country reports may discuss Covid-19.

3. Company and industry information

For more information and databases that can help you with finding company, industry and country information, see our online Company and industry information guide.

4. Finding Company Information

                            Tip: Company websites are a great place to look at when you first start researching a company. This will help you find more information on the history of the company, the industry, previously run promotions and media releases, and annual reports.

  • Visit company website and look for things like 'about us' or 'our story'.

To find company information on D&B Hoovers:

  • Type the name of the company in the search box at the top of the page, then select search.

Select your company from the results list. If there are multiple entries for the same company, check the details including country of origin and the industry the company falls under. 

5. Finding industry Information

IBISWorld provides company reports for the top 2000 Australian companies as well as detailed Industry reports on Australian industries and selected US and Chinese Industries. Industry reports include information such as:

  • SWOT analyses
  • Major competitors
  • Products and markets
  • competitive landscape

To find industry reports type your industry within the main search box, e.g. computer system design, then select search.

  • From the results page, filter your results by region > Australia/global, to show relevant results. 

You can also browse industries by selecting Industry research > Australia Industry Reports (ANZSIC) OR Australian Specialized Industry Reports.

Passport GMID is a global market research database providing statistics, analysis, reports, surveys on industries, countries and consumers worldwide. To find industry information:

  • Search for 'computers system' in the search box (top of page).

  • From the results select the Analysis tab.
  • Then limit by geography for the country you are after.

  • Open the industry report for that country (e.g. Malaysia) by selecting the relevant title on the right side.

6. Finding country Information

Statista provides access to statistics and studies gathered by market researchers, trade organizations, scientific publications, and government sources on over 600 industries.

Country reports accessed through Statista provide information on macro environmental factors such as economics, demographics, and culture. 

To access country reports go to Reports > Country reports, from the Statista homepage. 

From the country reports page you can either Filter or search for your country, then select your country report from the results list.

Passport GMID finding country information example:

  • Select Economies, then Economy, Finance and Trade (top of page).

  • Scroll down to the Country Reports box.
  • Select Economy, Finance and Trade, then the country that you want from the drop down boxes, and Select Go.

Business Source Ultimate database is a great place to find country reports and country risk reports. These reports contain information on the political, economic and business environment needed for your analysis. Remember to check the publication date of the report for currency of the data.

  • Enter the name of the country (i.e. Canada or India) in the search box and select GE Geographic Terms from the drop down box. Select search.
  • Under Refine Results, select Sources Types > Country Report (select Show More to see the full range of sources)

To find risk reports

  • Type your country into the search box.
  • Type risk report into the second box, then search. 

You can also visit the 'Country Information' tab in the 'Company and Industry Information' guide for a full list of suggested resources.

7. COVID-19 information

In your assignment you may need to discuss the disruption caused by COVID-19 and how that will affect your recommendation on weather you should or should not enter one of the four countries.

The below video discusses how to find COVID-19 related company and industry information using various library databases.

8. Report Writing and Reflective Writing

Now that you have done your research it is time to put all of your information together. See the below resources to get you started.

For more on reflective writing you can also search the library collection.

9. Referencing Support

Referencing Roadmap (Harvard)
Need help referencing? Follow the roadmap!

Referencing Roadmap (Harvard)
Help with the Harvard UniSA referencing style. Find in text-citations and reference examples, from different sources such as articles, books & chapters, websites, and more.

Other referencing support tools:

  • Referencing forum
    Discuss referencing, exchange advice and post questions and answers about referencing (facilitated by Student Engagement Unit).
  • What do you do with all those references you have found?

    Use a bibliographic management software to store, organise and cite your references. The Library supports the bibliographic management tool EndNote. There are also many free systems available.