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1. Business Internship

This guide contains tips and resources to make your internship a success. Remember to consult your course co-ordinator or internship mentor with any specific questions.

2. Before your internship

  • Spend some time exploring the company's website prior to starting your internship.      
  • Reflect on what you want to gain from this internship.
  • Remember to ask your mentor if you have any questions.                                                                           

3. Have a look at these UniSA webpages on internships

4. What to keep in mind during your internship

  Be punctual

Always be on time. In the mornings, to meetings, returning from breaks. If you are in a situation where you are running late let your supervisor know.

  Be flexible

Interns may be required to work on many different tasks and in different areas depending what is happening at the company during your internship.  

 Have a good attitude

Everyone loves to work with someone who is friendly, positive, engaged and interested and walks in the door with a smile. 

 Ask questions and make notes

This shows you are engaged and interested. This will will also help when it comes time to writing your report and for updating your CV. 


They are working in the business industry and can provide a wealth of insight and advice. 

 Show appreciation

At the end of your internship express appreciation for the opportunity you have had to work with them, and enjoy yourself! 

5. Watch these videos to improve your business skills

Being a professional                          Working in a team                             Being punctual

Navigate to video - be a professional    

Differences in the working worldFrom the campus to the office & Bridge your gap


6. Watch this short video on communication

7. Read these short articles to improve your business skills

8. Explore the UniSA Enterprise Skills

Check out UniSA's Enterprise Skills: A range of resources to develop enterprise skills including, self management, problem solving, teamwork, ethical awareness, communication and international perspective.

9. What are the benefits of an internship?


You will gain valuable industry exposure and insight. You will see first hand different roles, functions, work and projects that people in the business sector are involved in. An internship can help you shape your future career goals and areas of interest.  


You will get hands on experience working in a professional environment and developing your professional skills. You will be able to apply your knowledge and skills in a real life work environment. 

 Looks great on your CV

Employees place high value on work experience. Take note of the work you perform during your internship so you can record it on your CV. If successful in your placement you may be able to ask for a reference for future jobs you apply for.   

 Building contacts

A fantastic opportunity to meet people already working in business the industry and start making contacts.

 Watch this video from the University of Derby about the importance of internships.