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Finding company information for your business proposal and dashboard

What you need to do?

For your business proposal and dashboard you will need to find company information to support your discussion. This guide will help you do this.

Remember always read all the information on your course website related to your assessment.

Where to search

Getting started

Key databases for finding Australian company information are:

Exploring further

The below databases are useful to explore further as they contain selected Australian company information:

Tip: Explore multiple databases as each one may have different kinds of information about your company. 

Navigate to Company and Industry Information guide

Check out the Company and Industry Information guide for more databases and how to use them.

Find company information

Public or private?

Once you have chosen a company to research, you need to determine if it is:

  • Public - the company is listed on the stock exchange. They must disclose information openly about their operations and performance making it easier to find information about them.
  • Private - the company does not have to make their information openly available by law to the public. This makes them harder to research.

Doing this will help you know which database is best to search.

Tip: If you don't know if your company is public or private, check the Company360 or D&B Hoovers database.

Company360 search example:

  • Type the name of your company in the search bar (top right)

Company search for "Endota" in Company360 database

  • The listing tells you whether the company is public or private. Select the company's name from the results list to see more information.

Endota listing in Company360


The following video on D&B Hoovers will get you started:

  Find company information (2:56)  

Find industry information

Determining the industry

You may find industry information useful depending on which priority you are focusing on for your assignment.

To find out what industry your company operates within:

Endota company search in Company360

  • Select the company name from the results list.
  • Select the Industries tab from the menu on the right to view the industry this company operates within.

Industries tab in Company360

Tip: Your company might operate within more than one industry.

Exploring the industry

Once you have determined which industry or industries your company operates within, search for these in PassportGMID.

Country reports example search in PassportGMID database

  1. On the Home Page, locate the Country Reports: Datagraphics Box.  

  2. Select your chosen industry, product category and region. Select GO.

  3. Your country report should automatically open.

  4. Using the menu at the top of the report, you can navigate through different information such as industry analysis, datagraphics and related industries.World

Navigate to IBISWorld database

Check out the IBISWorld database for more industry information.

Put it all together

Once you have all your information it is time to put everything together.

These resources from Study Help will assist you:

Referencing support tools:

Referencing Roadmap (Harvard)
Help with the Harvard UniSA referencing style. Find in text-citations and reference examples, from different sources such as articles, books & chapters, websites, and more.

  • Referencing hub
    Information around what is referencing, paraphrasing, referencing rules, referencing styles and Academic Integrity. Also includes a link to the Harvard Referencing Guide UniSA (pdf).
  • Referencing forum
    Discuss referencing, exchange advice and post questions and answers about referencing (facilitated by Student Engagement Unit).

What do you do with all those references you have found?

Use a bibliographic management software to store, organise and cite your references. The Library supports the bibliographic management tool EndNote. There are also many free systems available.

Watch Managing Your References to decide which tool is best for you to get started.