Communication, Media and Journalism: UO COMM 3076: Industry and Practice

Assignment Help

Finding sources for your video and paper

1. What you need to do

Use this assignment help to assist you with:

  • Creating your video
  • Finding sources to support your critical analysis paper
  • Providing feedback to others

Remember: Always check your course outline for the assessment details.

2. Make your video

See LinkedIn Learning for help with creating professional videos. Here are some examples below:

PowerPoint is an intuitive tool for video creation. You may find the following resource useful if you decide to create your video in PowerPoint:

3. Find open images and video clips

Image and clips can enhance your video. Here are some quality open-source resources to help you find the right content: 

​ Open Culture                                            CSIRO Science Image Library
​ Pixabay Videos  Flickr
​ YouTube  New York Public Library Digital Collections
​ Vimeo  Pixabay
 Pexels Videos  Unsplash
   CC Search (Creative Commons)

Tip: Watch the videos below to learn about finding images licensed for re-use.

4. Where to search

The Library Catalogue can be a good place to start searching. Also use Library databases to find scholarly sources. These are search tools that index a range of information.

We recommend you use the following:

The Library Catalogue can be a useful starting point in locating academic (scholarly) references.

Try a simple search by using key concepts. For example:

Note: Use double quotes for any concepts that are phrases.

At the results list you can:

  • Limit to articles from Peer Reviewed publications.
  • Limit by Date, e.g. 2014-2019.

Here is an example search in Business Source Complete 

  1. Add more search fields by using the plus sign + (right of search box).
  2. Add a difference concept (keyword) to each line using the connectors AND or OR.
  3. Use limiters on the left side to refine your results

Image from Business Source Complete showing a search for 'career' AND 'personality type'

Tip: Check out our guide below for more help.

You can apply your search to other databases like ProQuest Central as the search screen is similar. Here is an example of an advanced search from ProQuest Central. 

Use the advanced search option to separate key words and terms. You can limit to show only full text, peer reviewed articles, and a specific publication date range.

Image of an advanced search from ProQuest central searching for  "career development" AND "theory" OR "model"

5. Give and receive feedback

As part of this assessment you need to give and receive feedback. Have a look at the resources listed for more information:

Tip: Watch the video below for more help in giving feedback

7. Write reflectively

Do you need help with reflective writing? This video and guides may assist you:

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