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Finding relevant industry information for your literature review & specification

What you need to do

This page will help you find relevant industry information on your product so you can complete your literature review and specification (Assessment 2).

Remember always read all the information provided on your course website related to your assessment to understand exactly what you need to do.

Step 1. Getting started

Once your team has selected your product you need to find out:

What relevant standards are there in Australia that related to the manufacturing and installation of this product?

Who manufactures this product in Australia? Do they meet these standards?

What relevant industry bodies are stakeholders in setting these standards?

The example used here will be:

  • Aluminium cladding

Even though this will be different to the product your team will be investigating, the search skills shown can be applied to your product.


Before you start searching in relevant databases or websites, think about what you already know and what you need to find out.

cladding industry manufacture standards construction
sheeting stakeholder manufacturing properties housing
metal cladding peak body production   building
  statutory body fabrication    

These are terms that you can start to use in your searches.

Tip: You can use a thesaurus to help you think of more terms.

Step 2. Intitial exploration

Your group may find it valuable to do some initial searches in the Library Collection and Google to find out more about your product.

Try a basic search in the Library collection:

Catalogue Example

  • Limit your results by Format: Books.
  • Try changing your search terms to get different results.

Some websites you might want to explore include:

Step 3. Finding relevant standards

To find relevant Australian standards you will need to search:

Topic search example

A topic search is a good way to get started if you are not sure what you are looking for.

  • Once you enter the databases use the search box to type in your keywords. Select Search.
    Tip: Keep your search broad.


  • Use the left menu to limit your search. A good limit to use is: Publisher: AS (for Australian Standards).
  • Explore the results. You may need to scroll through a few pages to see what is relevant. It depends on how many results you find.
  • To open a relevant standard select the title hyperlink and download.
    Tip: make sure it states it is the Most Recent version in the Published field.


Looking for clues

This search allowed me to find:

  • AS 1562.1:2018 Design and installation of metal roof and wall cladding, Part 1: Metal

When I opened the standard I could see other relevant standards in the Preface, Scope and General section that could be of use like:

  • 1734 Aluminium and aluminium alloys - Flat sheet, coiled sheet and plate

There may be many standards relevant to your product.

What is the different between an industry and a manufacturer?

Industry – is a group of companies or manufacturers that provide a particular service or product within an economy. Many industries have peak bodies within certain economies that decide standards that these services or products must adhere to.

Manufacturers – are companies or people that produce goods within the economy. Manufacturers often need to adhere to set standards or guidelines set by an industry peak body to ensure quality.

Adapted from Oxford English Dictionary entries on: 

for example, the peak body that set standards for Aluminium in Australia is:

Many companies in Australia manufacture aluminium products in Australia, for example:

Step 4. Finding industry literature

Ideas for finding industry information

Try searching the Internet to find relevant statutory bodies within your state.

For example:

Explore the beginning of any standards you have found that are relevant. Who helped put together the standard? This might give you some ideas for further searching.

Try searching in the database IBISWorld.

  • Type your keywords into the search box (it's best to keep it short and simple for this database)
    Cladding example search in IBISWorld
  • Select search or select from the drop down list that appears as you type
    cladding example search in IBISWorld
  • Select the report that has the Industry tag on it. This will show you key information about that industry including any major companies that operate within the industry.

Step 5. Finding manufacturing literature

The Internet is a good place to search for key manufacturers. Try some basic searches like:

Tip: Replace aluminium cladding in the search above with your product.