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EndNote: Set up

Configure preferences

The EndNote Preference menu allows you to customise your EndNote. While these are optional in order for functions such as Find Full Text to work properly you will need to add the UniSA preferences.

Open the Preferences menu via the EndNote tabs Windows: select Edit>Preferences in Macs s select EndNote X9>Preferences. You will see a range of options

Copy and paste the urls below in your preferences menu to enable the following functionality.

UniSA preferences:

  • OpenURL Path:

  • Authenticate with: URL:

  • ISI Base URL (All in one line):

  • OpenURL Argument (All in one line):

Syncing EndNote

Sync your desktop and Online library to allow access to your library across multiple devices including iPad and more than one computer.

Before syncing create a back up

Only one library can be synced to Online.

  • Click the Sync symbol in your EndNote library and register for EndNote Online, or enter details for an existing Online account.
  • If you have references in EndNote Online already delete any that match references in the desktop library before syncing or you will end up with duplicates.
  • If you have a large library (with attachments) the first sync will take some time.
  • Once you have synced for the first time, any changes you make on desktop or online will be made everywhere.

Do not use an existing library on your 2nd computer or you may overwrite your existing desktop and online references.

  • Open a new empty library on the 2nd computer, and give it a slightly different name to distinguish it from any copies of the existing (main) library you may have worked with on that computer.
    Then click the Sync button and enter your online account details.
  • NOTE: Do not use an existing library on your 2nd computer – you need to use an empty library that will be filled by the references from your online library.
  • Even though group sets don’t show in your online library, they will sync from the library on your 1st computer to the 2nd computer.

If your online library contains the correct references, simply follow the steps above to sync to a new empty library on your desktop. If not, then proceed with the instruction below:

  • Disable automatic syncing (in Preferences > Sync) and restart EndNote.
  • Delete all references and all groups from EndNote Online with the exception of shared groups.
  • Refer to the instructions at which will step you through temporarily appending your email address with #!resetLocalSync so as to purge any knowledge of the previous sync from your computer.
  • NB It is important to read all the instructions on the Crandon ‘Reset page before proceeding.

Instructions from EndNote Technical Support (Crandon Services)


Here are a few of our expert tips.

Iit is best practice to only have 1 library. You can use groups/sets to organise your references. See the Organise tab for more information.

Regularly save a back up of your library and word doc. You can backup your EndNote Library by creating a Compressed Library. See the Advanced tab for more information.

EndNote cannot be run from Cloud storage; DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Apple iCloud and other cloud services. See the Help tab for more information.

Term Lists maintain consistency and accuracy in your EndNote library. You can edit an Author's name or a Journal Title to ensure consistency across your references. See the Advanced tab for more information.

Add styles into EndNote

The most common referencing output styles come preinstalled in EndNote. Customised styles, including Harvard UniSA, will need to be installed separately.


Find the location where you downloaded the style. Double-click on the style file to open it. It should open in the EndNote program.  Alternatively, right click on the file and select 'Open with', then select Endnote.


In EndNote go to the "File Menu" and choose "Save as".


Remove the word "copy" from the end of your style's name, click the Save button. Close the window.


Windows: use the the style drop down menu to choose "Select another style..."

Mac: use the EndNote Edit menu select "Output Styles" and choose "Open Style Manager"

Select your style and click Choose


Windows: your new style will appear in the style drop down menu

Mac: to choose and preview a style, you need to set the layout to preview or split view to access the style drop down menu.


Ensure your style is also selected in Word

[Optional] To update an existing document with this style, see this article

Style files:

For more information about additional styles see EndNote website or Crandon Services, or view the get more styles (video).

See the Advanced page for information on editing styles

AGLC4 Legal Citation Style Information

To use the AGLC4 citation style with EndNote you will need to download and save 2 small files from here: Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC4) 

Referencing Help