Information Management: INFS 5079 Information Resources and Services

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What you need to do

For this course you need to find and evaluate professional and academic literature to support your reports and reflective journal. Use this assignment help to save yourself time and find relevant material.

Remember, explore the other pages in this Subject Guide for further help and always refer to your course outline and website for your assessment details.

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Some keywords

academic library • academic libraries • university library • university • universities • higher education • tertiary education • librarian • Image of hand typing on keyboard librarians • academic librarian • information professional • reference interview • reference services • reference help • reference question • communication • online technology • technology • online • chat • email • instant messaging • virtual • virtual reference • reference software • Internet • World wide web • digital • electronic • body language • non verbal communication • non verbal cues • synchronous reference • asynchronous reference • information literacy • digital literacy

Search starters

Once you have your keywords use the connectors AND and OR to form search strategies. These are used in the Library catalogue and databases to help you find relevant results.

The following is one example of a search strategy:  Abstract image of network

   virtual OR chat OR telephone
   reference interview
   academic library OR university

Remember to use truncation (*), wildcards (?) and phrases (" ")
where appropriate. E.g.:

   librar*                             finds: library, libraries
   behavio?r                      finds: behavior, behaviour
   "academic library"         finds: academic library as a phrase rather than as two separate keywords

Library catalogue search examples:

Podcasts and blogs


  • cardiCast by newCardigan
    "newCardigan is a social and professional group for people who work in galleries, libraries, archives and museums – and for those who like hanging around with GLAM types. We are an Incorporated Association registered in Victoria, Australia." — About page.
  • Cyberpunk Librarian 
    A podcast with a focus on technology and librarianship.
  • Beyond the Stacks
    "A podcast exploring interesting and unexpected career paths for librarians and information professionals.fessionals." — Home page.
  • S.S. Librarianship 
    While currently on hiatus, the archives of this podcast are still accessible where you will find interviews with many a librarian and interesting professional.



  • ausGLAMblogs
    "You can use this app to register and search for blogs by Australian GLAM people." — Home page.

Academic vs other libraries

Academic Libraries have:

  • extensive content available electronically; UniSA has a Digital Strategy
  • significant depth; UniSA Library collections reflect its teaching and research
  • search tools that allow complex/advanced searching
  • collections rich in scholarly information aimed at students, academics and researchers
  • Reference interviews that may be in depth and complex

Spotlight on books

TED Talk