Information research skills: getting started: Peer Reviewed

Is it peer reviewed?

At University you should be using peer reviewed journal articles.

You will need to find academic articles for your assignments.  If you are not sure about an article you are looking at, its a good idea to check whether the journal is peer reviewed.  If the journal is peer reviewed you can be confident that the article is academic.  The information sheet on this page shows you how to do this on the Ulrichsweb directory.

Using Find it

The   icon will appear in the databases when there is no link to the full text of an article.

Find it may be able to link you to the full text - read the short guide to see how Find it works.

What is a Scholarly Source?

This video explains what is meant by "Scholarly Sources"  or sometimes "Academic Sources". Click the image to watch (2:22 minutes).

Click here to listen to Scholarly Sources Explained